Enriador did a new variant for everybody to enjoy.
Europe in 1800, after the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte: 1800 - Empires and Coalitions.

Start: If full - Expires: 5 days, 13 hours (Fri 25 May UTC)
Ununited States of America
2 days /phase (slow)
Pot: 280 D - Spring, 2021, 22 players (of 50) missing
Divided States, Gunboat, Anon, PPSC, Hidden draw votes
~Mon 14 May UTC (Anonymous): We going to bump the phase again?
~Mon 14 May UTC (Anonymous): I’ve been extending it but keeping it under 10 days so more people see it when looking at games page -- Dr. Recommended
~Tue 15 May UTC (Anonymous): Thanks.
~Tue 15 May UTC (Anonymous): You’re welcome
~Tue 15 May UTC (Anonymous): Hopefully it gets full
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Minimum Reliability Rating: 70%. Minimum phases played: 49.