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The Ambassador (1678 D (B) (B))
20 Mar 17 UTC
Fixing the Pirates variant
With the new Lab up and running, as discussed in the DiplomacyGames podcast I'm keen to iron out the bugs in Pirates that people hate...
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Mitomon (920 D)
Mon 17 Apr UTC
Diplomacy: Is Germany Too Weak?
I noticed that Germany is considerably weaker in Diplomacy than it's historical counterpart. In game, Germany can very easily be knocked out by England and France. However, historically Germany was able to fight competently on three separate fronts. Does anybody feel that Germany is a little misrepresented in game?
More importantly, are there any variants that address this?
Devonian (1824 D)
Mon 17 Apr UTC
I don't think the actual statistics support your claim.

France can easily be knocked out by England and Germany. England can easily be knocked out by France and Germany. Whenever you have 2 against one, it should be easy. But, it's all about diplomacy and finding the one other player who will help you against the other.
A talented diplomacy player can make Germany a winning position, so no. There are no weak positions in classic, only weak diplomats.

The statistics for Classic bear out that Germany is quite a decent nation to play. I personally love it for full press classic.

Results by country:
Country Solos Draws Survivals Eliminated SCs Ø Performance*
England 32 125 93 198 5.14 2.67
France 32 154 116 146 5.62 3.05
Italy 18 113 85 232 3.57 2.05
Germany 41 117 77 213 4.9 2.85
Austria 17 106 55 270 3.32 1.88
Turkey 47 136 97 168 6.55 3.31
Russia 44 100 72 232 4.44 2.75

*Performance = (15 x Solos + 5 x Draws + 1 x Survivals) / Games
Mitomon (920 D)
Mon 17 Apr UTC
Yea that isncorrect, however I am comparing Germanys power in diplomacy to that in the real world. I'm looking for a variant that gives germany enough power to at least stalemate with both englabd and france simultaneously. 5 starting scs for example. Sure it might seem unbalanced but I'm looking for historical accuracy. Besides, Germanys military might could convince others to join france and England against it.
As Devonian points out, 2 on 1 is a powerful combination. And when you can get a central triple going, if it doesn't look like a central triple, Germany, Austria, and Italy make one hell of a team.

Germany and Austria take on Russia, Italy and Austria roll over Turkey, France goes after England with a bit of Germany help, then suddenly when Russia and Turkey are about gone, Italy and Germany turn on France and what is left of England to wipe the board.
Mitomon (920 D)
Mon 17 Apr UTC
Isncorrect should be: is correct
Not a valid comparison as WWI Germany is not Nazi Germany *and* both wars had more a surprise element where as this game has everyone ramped up and headed to war. Diplomacy is not, nor was it ever intended to be, a simulation of WWI. If you want an unbalanced simulation, play another game.
And remember, in WWI, Germany had the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary on it's side. It wasn't fighting alone, so there were other armies to keep Russia busy and plenty of neutral nations between Germany and England so that they really only had two fronts in that war and only one of those was theirs to fight alone - France.
G-Man (2100 D)
Mon 17 Apr UTC
The power of Germany is exactly like real life. Once you get Germany rolling, it's very difficult to stop. I'll take Germany anytime.

But the variant you're looking for is Europe 1939:
Europe in 1939 is very different from Europe in 1901. Remember, the time for Diplomacy is pre-WWI and WWI. If you get a game that makes it 39 years in and are still fighting, well DAMN!
Mitomon (920 D)
Mon 17 Apr UTC
Yes that is true as well. Thank you both
Devonian (1824 D)
Mon 17 Apr UTC
I'm not sure if historically Germany was stronger.

I'm not a real history buff, but I think that in world war I they had Austria, Bulgaria, and Turkey on their side. In World War II they had Italy and Japan on their side.

And, I thought that in WWII the other sides entered the war in a staggered manner, giving Germany an advantage until all allied forces were against them. Russia had a non-agression pact with them, so they invaded Poland. England and France didn't react quickly enough, so they took the lowlands, and then France.

And eventually they did lose both world wars.
Smokey Gem (804 D)
Mon 17 Apr UTC
HMMMM..maybe I should just cut and paste the exact same question and responses from and .save everyone a lot of time ..
YouCan'tHandleTheTruth (1310 D)
Mon 17 Apr UTC
Maybe it is good to get other perspectives from thos on the web dip forum. Don't be a jerk, Smokey. Not everyone here is over there.
Mitomon (920 D)
Mon 17 Apr UTC
Yes @devonian, but in ww2 they had built up their military immensely. France and england were fighting germany simultaneously for a while before germanys mismanagement eventually helped make the nation cave in.
Mitomon (920 D)
Mon 17 Apr UTC
Even the Americans had to intervene to stop them. Although I'm not saying the war was won solely because of them since that would discredit the superspy Garbo and many other factors in the war.
But Mitimon, this game is set in WWI, not WWII. Spring 1901 is not Spring 1939. Your original question was about the strength of Germany in the game compared to real life. It must include the time period else you could argue that with no US involved, the game is flawed (which the US was in WWI as well, so technically it is).
Mitomon (920 D)
Mon 17 Apr UTC
Yes Yacht, but i was responding to devos note about WWII. I have ackowledged that I was wrong with my original questions premise.
zurn (904 D)
Tue 18 Apr UTC
Allied manpower and production greatly outnumbered Germany's in both world wars. In the end the Allies could starve Germany out. It's not mismanagement, so much as just not having the extra economic capacity to outlast the Allies.
nopunin10did (1000 D)
Thu 20 Apr UTC
"are there any variants that address this?"

Yes, actually. You should check out "1900", a variant by Baron VonPowell. It's not currently supported on vDiplomacy, but I'm hoping to port it over.


Example Starting Map:
Murcanic (1441 D)
Thu 20 Apr UTC
^ That is a cool map! I wouldn't want to play as italy but it looks like a cool map to play on :)
zurn (904 D)
Thu 20 Apr UTC
Having played Italy in 1900... yeah, wouldn't be my first pick. I think overall compared to Standard, Italy has a little more of a shot at victory in 1900, but also more of a risk of early catastrophe.
G-Man (2100 D)
Thu 20 Apr UTC
Note that vDip has Abstraction III, which I think expands slightly on 1900:

Abstraction III

And Europe 1939 looks like it adapts and expands on 1900 for the different time period as well.
RUFFHAUS 8 (2502 D)
Thu 20 Apr UTC
Italy is perfectly fine in Standard Diplomacy. The problem with Italy is that most players are either unreasonably intimidated by the difficulty of playing Italy, or simply just do not understand how to play it. Much of this comes from the mistaken concept that the Lepanto/Key Kepanto are particularly good openings. Italy is extremely versatile, and far too many opportunities are pissed away by players determined to kill Turkey at all costs. Many others are ruined by stab happy fools who think punking Austria for one dot is a clever move. Italy more so than any other nation requires players who can thin beyond the present turn, and put aside the constant worry of where their next build comes from.

Italy and Austria on the linked 1900 map look pretty hard done by, not only because they remain on three starting centers, but also because the perks provided the other surrounding nations.
Unstupid (816 D)
Thu 20 Apr UTC
Yeah, on webdip I just won a game as Italy - in standard dip it is so powerful once it hits 8/9 SCs - it's just getting there that is the problem
vallk (880 D)
Thu 20 Apr UTC
Was Germany not the backbone of the central powers in WW1? I wasn't aware there were people who disagreed with this. It took British and Russian support to stop France from folding in the initial stages of the war. The idea that more centers would more accurately reflect German power isn't flawed.
WWI was a united German/Austria-Hungary offensive. After all, it was the Austrian Archduke who was assassinated.That is already reflected in the game.
vallk (880 D)
Fri 21 Apr UTC
Of course, but I think Mitomon's point was that Germany was probably individually the most powerful country in at the outbreak of WWI and that it might be fun to play a variant where Germany has extra centers to reflect that
Then everyone would gang up on Germany and, as he doesn't have an edge to protect himself like Russia, he would end up being eaten alive.
Remember, there is no technological advantage in Diplomacy like there was in both WWI and WWII for Germany. More centers makes you a target without the individual boost each unit would get from better technology.
"Having played Italy in 1900... yeah, wouldn't be my first pick. I think overall compared to Standard, Italy has a little more of a shot at victory in 1900, but also more of a risk of early catastrophe."

I just pulled down PlayDiplomacy's stats for classic-style games of 1900, and Italy is actually one of the best in terms of overall performance. It ranks 2nd in solos (behind Germany) and 1st in not-losing (where Germany is ranked 2nd).
Correction to prior comment:
Italy is solidly the 2nd place in both categories mentioned. Germany is the leader-of-the-pack in both draws and solos for 1900.
zurn (904 D)
04:35 PM UTC
That wasn't what I saw from Powell's (the designer) roundup of 1900 stats, but that was admittedly from a while ago. Do you have a quick link to the PlayDip stats, or is that a pay only thing?
Powell's stats for 1900 are mostly from Play-by-Email games, which definitely impacts the data. It's not as reflective of the web-style of Diplomacy play. PD's stats are more likely to resemble what you'd hypothetically see on sites like vDip.

PD maintains an archive of all of its finished games, and you can get the statistics if you have a web scraper and are handy with Excel.

The following are a quick summary of stats for samples from 1900 and Classic, only looking at full-press games run without extra variants. GPR is calculated on a 180-point basis (180 for solo, 90 for 2-way, 60 for 3-way, 45 for 4-way, 36 for 5-way, 30 for 6-way, 0 for 7-way or loss).

There were 232 completed games of 1900.

F: 17 solos, 170 losses, 24.69 avg GPR
R: 13 solos, 170 losses, 22.27 avg GPR
I: 20 solos, 163 losses, 28.19 avg GPR
G: 29 solos, 61 losses, 38.04 avg GPR
A: 15 solos, 169 losses, 23.72 avg GPR
T: 10 solos, 180 losses, 18.22 avg GPR
E: 16 solos, 171 losses, 24.10 avg GPR

For comparison, I took a sample of 178 recent classic games from PD before my scraper allowance ran out:

F: 18 solos, 121 losses, 32.19 avg GPR
R: 24 solos, 123 losses, 35.39 avg GPR
I: 5 solos, 146 losses, 14.66 avg GPR
G: 10 solos, 125 losses, 25.20 avg GPR
A: 8 solos, 141 losses, 17.70 avg GPR
T: 11 solos, 126 losses, 25.37 avg GPR
E: 14 solos, 125 losses, 28.48 avg GPR

Expressed as +/- % as compared to the overall average:

1900 stats:

F: -0.8% solos, +2.1% losses, -3.6% GPR
R: -24.2% solos, +2.1% losses, -13.0% GPR
I: +16.7% solos, -2.1% losses, +10.1% GPR
G: +69.2% solos, -14.7% losses, +48.6% GPR
A: -12.5% solos, +1.5% losses, -7.4% GPR
T: -41.7% solos, +8.2% losses, -28.8% GPR
E: -6.7% solos, +2.7% losses, -5.9% GPR

Classic sample:

F: +40.0% solos, -6.6% losses, +25.9% GPR
R: +86.7% solos, -5.1% losses, +38.4% GPR
I: -61.1% solos, +12.7% losses, -42.7% GPR
G: -22.2% solos, -3.5% losses, +1.5% GPR
A: -37.8% solos, +8.8% losses, -30.8% GPR
T: -14.4% solos, -2.8% losses, -0.8% GPR
E: +8.9% solos, -3.5% losses, +11.4% GPR
zurn (904 D)
10:26 PM UTC
These are the stats I mentioned, looks like they're from the DPJudge:

Bad cut and paste:

GERMANY 206 7335 35.61 25 3 27 13 10 0 128
RUSSIA 206 5520 26.80 19 3 18 12 5 1 148
BRITAIN 206 5505 26.72 16 4 20 15 10 1 140
AUSTRIA-HUNGARY 206 5049 24.51 15 6 19 7 9 1 149
TURKEY 206 4710 22.86 15 3 18 10 5 1 154
ITALY 206 4635 22.50 13 4 22 9 5 1 152
FRANCE 206 4326 21.00 14 1 20 6 6 1 158
Yep. Combined, those two samples paint a pretty rosy picture for 1900's balance. Even considering how strongly Germany leads the pack, it still tends to be a more even contest than Classic.

DPJudge was used primarily to adjudicate email-based games, however, so I do think that some consideration should take into account the difference in email v. web playerbases.
zurn (904 D)
04:36 AM UTC
It's probably about as balanced as Standard. Germany definitely sticks out more in the lead in 1900, but everyone else is a little more even. Being about as balanced as Classic is pretty good, most variants fall well short of this, at least going by vdip stats.

Interesting that among the two sets of 1900 results, each of about 200 games, you get a decently different ordering of nations: GIFEART vs GREATIF.

I've seen quite a difference in the stats for Classic when comparing no-press to full press games. I wonder if varying levels of communication and game speed play a big part in the difference between communities. Also, Powell suggests in the article that 200 games is too small a sample... but it's better than nothing.

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gman314 (1016 D)
12 Mar 11 UTC
Oli won.
On Imperial Civilization's off-topic thread (link inside), there was a brief stint of Second to Last Person to Post Wins. Now that the thread is closed, Oli won.
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butterhead (961 D)
21 May 12 UTC
Advertise your NON-live games here!
In an effort to compromise the pro-ads versus anti-ads for games: Post here for your non-live games to cut down on the number of ads but still advertise games. Post game link, WTA or PPSC, and the bet. Note: this doesn't count for special rules games.
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Variant Tournaments
I've really enjoyed playing variant-specific tournaments such as the Known World 15x15 currently underway.
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Strider (1113 D)
Mon 07 PM UTC
Anzac Day remembrance
Waking for this Anzac Days dawn service reminds me why we should not forget WWI. With threats of agression again escalating has nothing been learnt!
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Mitomon (920 D)
Mon 17 Apr UTC
What is your favorite board game?
I heard you guys like to play Risk.
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kaner406 (1388 D (B) (B))
24 Sep 16 UTC
I've been Boursed!!! 2016
Hi all, when Amby and I were recording our recent podcast ( the topic of Bourse came up, and I got really excited and thought that I would try to get another game of this variant running...
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Devonian (1824 D)
29 Jun 15 UTC
1v1 Tournament Rules, Rankings, and Challenges
Official Rules for 1v1 Ladder Tournament
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Known World Tournament
Awhile back, kaner proposed a Known World gunboat tournament in which 15 participants would play 15 games, one with each nation. I searched back for the thread, then just decided to start a new one. I want to see if there would be sufficient interest in this to try to get it off the ground.
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The Ambassador (1678 D (B) (B))
Wed 19 Apr UTC
Feedback for 1v1 Cold War on WWIV map
Hi folks, some of you may have heard me talk on the podcast about bringing the WWIV map to a Cold War circa 1984 1v1 variant. Interested in your thoughts about whether I use the standard WWIV map, the v6.2 version (is there any actual difference in the map itself?) or whether the sealane version would be better. Thoughts?
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The Problem Thread
This thread is if you have a problem you post and then everyone will try to help you with your problem.
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Happy Rome Day
since today (April 21) is Rome's 2770th birthday, I thought it would be nice to fill this thread with stories of the glory of Rome:
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Captainmeme (1591 D Mod (B))
Sat 08 AM UTC
Reminder: ALWAYS check the settings of games you join!
Hi all,
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The Muting Thread
This is the thread that everyone mutes.
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Captainmeme (1591 D Mod (B))
01 Apr 17 UTC
Please see within for details on the vDiplomacy Referendum.
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GOD (1694 D Mod (B))
28 Jan 16 UTC
Can't stop the Trump
Does anyone here has a clue as to why Donald Trump is boycotting the latest republican debate? Seems to have only downsides and risks without a real gain to me. Enlighten me please.
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Anon (?? D)
Sun 09 Apr UTC
gameID=30786 2 day phases 100pt bet WTA Anon gunboat
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Matticus13 (1241 D)
Sat 15 Apr UTC
Seeking replacement for Shift Right variant game

Looking for a replacement for Italy (me). The current position is pretty stable. I'm looking to eliminate all of my press games due to time constraints.
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Greetings Thread
Um....................... Hello? Is anyone there?
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The Ambassador (1678 D (B) (B))
08 Mar 17 UTC
Live video feed podcast?
Hi folks - Kaner and I are getting together this time next week for another boozy Dip chat.
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The Ambassador (1678 D (B) (B))
02 Sep 16 UTC
New podcast for online Dip games
Hi everyone

Kaner and I have started a podcast about playing Diplomacy online....
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Captainmeme (1591 D Mod (B))
Tue 11 Apr UTC
The Original Diplomacy Variant
As many of you know, the Calhamer estate is being liquidated and the very first self-published Diplomacy board sold for just over $5000 last week. Well, something else interesting from the same sale - a bunch of prototype maps, these likely being from several years before the game was published.
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fasces349 (1052 D)
26 Dec 10 UTC
Advertise live games here
Like in webdiplo, this thread will be used to help people find live games
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David E. Cohen (0 D)
29 Mar 17 UTC
Calhamer Estate Sale
See below.
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kaner406 (1388 D (B) (B))
03 Apr 17 UTC
Sitter needed!!
For 7 days, ongoing bourse game. 1 SC power, 3 day phases, no bourse orders needed, only a hotbod to look after the unit on the board. PM me or reply on this thread. Thanks!
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MerlijnvL (994 D)
31 Mar 17 UTC
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didigoose (1690 D)
13 Mar 17 UTC
Hof Points Question
I have 2 questions related to the Hof point calculation

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zurn (904 D)
28 Mar 17 UTC
Minor map issues
Is anybody able to make minor cosmetic map changes to the variants, for readability? There's two small things I've noticed:

* Imperial Diplomacy II: there's a connection between Morocco and W. Med, but the map really doesn't show it.
* First Crusade: The Sardinia supply centre in the large map is placed in an odd, almost invisible spot.
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Oztra (937 D)
18 Mar 17 UTC
WebDip members on here
Hi Guys,
just wondering how many people that are from webdip come over here and do stuffs
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