webDiplomacy variants
A list of the variants available on this server, with credits and information on variant-specific rules.

Active variants:

Name Players IAMap Games finished avg. Turns Rating* Hot**
**Rating = ("players" x "games played") - **Hot = Number of active games
Aberration V9 players-17 games22.71 turns1534
Abstraction III7 players-50 games19.10 turns3501
Africa8 players-79 games24.99 turns6324
Age of Pericles7 players-28 games20.64 turns1961
Alacavre7 players-16 games17.38 turns1120
American Conflict6 players-63 games18.10 turns3780
Anarchy in the UK6 players-62 games17.97 turns3723
The Ancient Mediterranean5 players200 games16.25 turns10004
Atlantic Colonies4 players-33 games12.64 turns1323
Balkan Wars VI6 players-32 games12.38 turns1921
Classic - Build anywhere7 players56 games17.38 turns3921
Celtic Britain8 players-27 games21.81 turns2161
Chromatic5 players-12 games14.58 turns600
Classic7 players232 games17.15 turns162410
Classic - 18807 players-32 games19.34 turns2241
Classic - 18977 players60 games20.92 turns4200
Classic - Ankara Crescent7 players18 games19.06 turns1261
Classic - Cataclysm7 players13 games21.23 turns910
Classic - Chaoctopi34 players3 games18.00 turns1020
Classic - Chaos34 players16 games23.75 turns5440
Classic - Crowded11 players60 games20.22 turns6603
Classic - Economic7 players-41 games17.29 turns2870
Classic - England* Vs Turkey2 players1052 games9.62 turns21041
Classic - France vs Germany vs Austria3 players146 games11.40 turns4380
Classic - Frankland Vs Juggernaut2 players652 games6.24 turns13040
Classic - Fog of War7 players300 games21.61 turns21006
Classic - France vs Austria2 players1352 games10.87 turns27040
Classic - GreyPress7 players18 games20.50 turns1260
Classic - Germany vs Italy2 players1125 games10.33 turns22501
Classic - Germany vs Russia2 players287 games8.10 turns5740
Classic - Italy+ Vs England+ Vs Russia3 players255 games11.74 turns7650
Classic - Layered7 players-17 games19.18 turns1190
Classic - Milan Diplomacy7 players-12 games15.92 turns840
Classic - NoNeutrals7 players10 games19.10 turns700
Classic - Octopus7 players21 games18.52 turns1470
Classic - Pilot7 players-6 games20.67 turns420
Classic - 7 Islands7 players82 games20.84 turns5741
Classic Touchy7 players-19 games13.63 turns1330
Classic - Pick your countries2.64 players703 games11.32 turns18583
Colonial Diplomacy7 players105 games20.90 turns7354
Colonial 188510 players-16 games25.81 turns1601
Classic - With a custom start7 players48 games19.35 turns3360
Dark Ages7 players-22 games20.50 turns1542
Duo2 players480 games13.95 turns9600
The Dutch Revolt5 players-89 games19.82 turns4450
Fall of the American Empire: Civil War!2 players828 games11.46 turns16563
Fall of the American Empire IV10 players83 games26.46 turns8306
Enlightenment & Succession10 players-30 games22.27 turns3001
Europe 19398 players101 games22.70 turns8083
Fantasy World Diplomacy12 players-28 games23.75 turns3361
First Crusade7 players-29 games24.14 turns2034
Classic - With fleet in Rome7 players15 games20.13 turns1050
Fubar6 players-30 games13.73 turns1800
Germany 16487 players-33 games15.85 turns2310
Gobble-Earth14 players-17 games24.71 turns2383
Indians of the Great Lakes9 players-36 games25.92 turns3245
Greek Diplomacy6 players-143 games17.19 turns8581
Habelya8 players-15 games21.80 turns1200
Haven19 players27 games29.19 turns5130
HeptarchyIV7 players-13 games18.23 turns910
Hundred3 players-103 games7.15 turns3091
Hussite Wars9 players-10 games21.10 turns900
Imperial Diplomacy II13 players-49 games27.29 turns6373
Imperium Diplomacy6 players-29 games14.10 turns1740
Karibik8 players-37 games21.05 turns2960
Known World 90115 players56 games32.14 turns8404
Lepanto2 players93 games8.37 turns1860
Maharajah7 players-18 games17.83 turns1260
Mars6 players-23 games16.17 turns1380
Mate Against Mate8 players-37 games23.95 turns2960
Migraine8 players-9 games16.89 turns720
Modern Diplomacy II10 players173 games23.30 turns17307
NorthSea Wars4 players-53 games11.68 turns2120
Pirates13 players-16 games18.25 turns2080
Pure7 players30 games9.83 turns2100
Rat Wars4 players-47 games15.45 turns1880
Rinascimento12 players-71 games22.80 turns8523
Sail Ho II4 players-71 games12.93 turns2840
Sengoku8 players-55 games20.84 turns4401
South America (4 players)4 players176 games12.32 turns7041
South America (5 players)5 players-76 games12.95 turns3802
South American Supremacy8 players-28 games18.18 turns2240
10663 players182 games14.51 turns5460
1066 (V2.0)3 players26 games11.38 turns780
1066 (V3.0)3 players37 games15.62 turns1110
843: Treaty of Verdun3 players-181 games8.12 turns5430
USA8 players-21 games19.43 turns1681
Viking Diplomacy IV8 players-70 games13.86 turns5601
World War II5 players-136 games22.26 turns68010
World War IV35 players49 games32.88 turns17150
World War IV (Version 6.2)36 players4 games46.25 turns1445
World War IV sealanes35 players-0 games0.00 turns01
War in 202010 players-14 games19.07 turns1400
Who controls America8 players-11 games13.00 turns880
World Diplomacy IX17 players-13 games33.62 turns2211
Youngstown - Redux10 players-47 games21.28 turns4701
Youngstown World War II6 players-42 games19.43 turns2523
Zeus 57 players-27 games19.07 turns1890