Finished: 12 PM Thu 11 Feb 21 UTC
Private Declaration of War: Private Tier-ed
2 days /phase
Unrated - Spring, 2012, Finished
1 excused NMR / regain after 5 turn(s) / extend the first 2 turn(s)
This is a moderated game. Gamedirector: Player5 (2203 D) (is playing too).
This is the second game in a series of "Declaration of War" games, where we explore what diplomacy is like when players must announce some political intentions before making their moves.

This game is the first draft of an "Completely Private State-Based Relationships" system. In this system each country has a private relationship with all other countries, which is denoted by one of 6 states.

===================== The Relationship States =====================

State 1 - WAR:
All is fair. There are NO LIMITS to the interactions you may have with their units, and NO LIMITS to your interactions with moves involving their territories (into, out of, or both).

Additionally, once you enter war with another country you force a restriction on all allies you have. Your allies and your at-war countries will be forced into hostile relations (State 2) unless your ally is also allied with your at-war country. In this case they will enter limbo (State *) relations. For as long as you remain allied to one country and at-war with another, those two may only ever be in a states 1, 2 or *. Even if you cease war or alliance, they will remain in their current state with each other until they clear it up between themselves.

State 2 - HOSTILE:
You may not directly attack said country, however you can support moves into their territories or convoy allied (State 5) units into their territories.

State 3 - NEUTRAL:
This is you relationship with all countries at the start of the game. Essentially you two can't interact other than bouncing in neutral (uncolored) territories.

State 4 - FRIENDLY:
You may support hold units of the other country. You may also convoy / support their units to a territory they own or neutral.

State 5 - ALLIED:
Same as friendly except you can also help (support move / convoy) into territories of hostile countries. You may also (publicly) gift territories to your allies.

State * - LIMBO:
If two of your allies enter war, you enter limbo with both countries. This is the only way enter limbo. While in limbo you are still treated as allies to both with regard to triggering going to hostile / limbo relations with other countries, however you may only execute moves as if you are hostile to both. You may exit limbo by publicly reaffirming Allies / Hostilities with counties in such a way that does not create any more conflicts. Once you announce Allies / Hostilities you are then free to change your relationships further.

===================== Further Definitions =====================

> A country's territories are defined as anything they have a unit in, or is colored their color.

> To change status towards a higher number both parties must agree (both parties must privately announce their intention change to the moderator). To change it to a lower status only one party need message the moderator.

> Once a message is sent to the moderator (or in the case of raising a relationship state, both messages are sent), the change becomes privately recognized. Automatic state changes such as entering hostile/limbo also become privately recognized at this time.

> With the exception of Spring 1901, changes in state only occur at the beginning of Spring Retreats and Fall Retreats. At that time any privately recognized changes will trigger states to change to the new relationships.

> Spring of 1901 will be extended one phase length. Any privately recognized changes in the first half will become realized for the second half of Spring 1901 (and subsequently allow for interaction in the Spring 1901 moves).

> Once states switch over from just privately recognized to being the actual relationships between countries, a message will be sent out to all countries letting them know of their relationships for the upcoming moves. (It is at this point you will know if someone has accepted your alliance, or if someone has declared war on you)

> Any country disobeying these rules will be given a one time warning for an honest mistake (this warning will be done through private chat), and then sent into CD for the second offense.

> In order to use the in game chat system, the moderator will be playing the game, however they will only support hold their units after the first year. In the first year they will grab any centers that only they are capable of reaching and publicly announce their moves well before moves occur. The moderator's territories are considered at war will all other countries (and thus they can be attacked or support held by anyone).

> The invite code is "IReadThisGameDescription"

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Swede03 (1517 D)
26 supply-centers, 26 units
CYFI (1927 D)
22 supply-centers, 22 units
mazechamp (1421 D)
10 supply-centers, 10 units
The Ambassador (1941 D (B))
Player5 (2203 D)
ezpickins (1714 D)
BobbyLotion (1627 D)
AKeeFaTheHun (1078 D)
ScubaSteve (1234 D)
tocitus (995 D)
Civil Disorders
Piplup (67 D)Peru (Autumn, 2001) with 4 centres.
Momentbruh (5 D)Texas (Spring, 2001) with 8 centres.
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