Finished: 07 PM Tue 23 Feb 21 UTC
Featured Sino-Russo-Japanese-Dutch-Anglo-Franco-Ottoman War
1 day /phase
Pot: 175 D - Autumn, 1910, Finished
Canton Diplomacy, No messaging, Anon, PPSC
1 excused NMR / regain after 5 turn(s) / extend always
Game won by Tepes (1414 D)

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23 Feb 21 UTC Congrats, Britain
23 Feb 21 UTC I mean congrats Britain, but some bloody awful play by everyone else.

Japan should've cut short the China war and sent fleets south into Holland ages ago - and conveniently took me out of the middle of the board and just....left it as a vacuum for Britain to thrive in.

Turkey - did you not see my support hold there when Britain only had two units to the west? I supported you into Iran the next turn and you would've had it.

Frustrating game. Better moves by me and I could've knocked Turkey out, but the rest of the board shouldve seen the power vacuum to the west and bloody done something about it.
23 Feb 21 UTC agreed; it was a frustrating game and i'm relieved it's over. i had no agency or momentum the entire match. well done Britain, see you all in the next one.
23 Feb 21 UTC Good game all. Russia's on the money here, I focussed on the power vacuums. France was bogged in an unenviable position. I did rely on some lucky gambles in South-east Asia.
23 Feb 21 UTC I'm guessing that at first Japan was fine with a strong Britain, to keep Russia and China busy, but didn't expect it to snowball as fast as it did.
23 Feb 21 UTC I was sure Turkey was toast though, caught me off guard that they just turned into West Russia.
23 Feb 21 UTC Yeahhh, autumn 04 was bad for me. I should've written off Irkutsk and focused down Turkey. Lessons learned. Japan really screwed me for no real reason - deciding to fight me and China alone vs China together with me
23 Feb 21 UTC I am bogged down with France and unsure with Japan position upon Phillipine. Thus unable to respond when Britain grow unchecked.
23 Feb 21 UTC @Britain, that's exactly right. I was going against what looked like a united Russia / China so I didn't want to head south and allow them the chance to cross the sea. Your early strength really helped divide them but I didn't expect you to grow so quickly everywhere else.

I didnt want to weaken anyone in South East Asia so I stayed away. I really should have sent help so didn't play well here at all.

Otherwise I'm not sure what else I could / should have done
23 Feb 21 UTC Well that game was rough. Congrats Britain on the win. Unfortunately at the end I couldn’t finish off Russia fast enough to turn on Britain again.

That being said, I’ll take what I can get because I think Russia deserved to make it to the end more than me (maybe it was just this game, but Russia seems to be at a pretty big disadvantage in this variant).
23 Feb 21 UTC @Japan, in my opinion, what you should have done was to send a large infantry force through Russia around me. I was support holding Russia in Korea, because you didn't have stop attacking us, otherwise I had no feelings on wether he lives or dies (hence why I took the center when I saw it possible.
I was very surprised from France's continuing attacks although I was going for the British centers, not his...
As a whole - very strange game. where I screamed at the board way too often... :d
23 Feb 21 UTC @Japan : If only you support hold my Phillipines even for once, it would free up one fleet for me and might made a difference.
23 Feb 21 UTC @Japan - I opened to Maritime provinces, not Sea of Japan. That should've been enough to show I was on your side Year 1. You forced China and I together by supporting to Sea of Japan Spring 02. And maybe this is me selfishly speaking since I died as a result, but I think that if you didn't have any intention of pumping armies down into Mongolia, you shouldn't have taken Irkutsk. That essentially tied up an army of mine that would've been enough to knock out Turkey. As a western power I can't exactly threaten you, and just like England likes a strong Turkey, Japan should like a strong Western power.

But as Holland said, you really needed to send a support hold signal to him. And if I was in your shoes, I would've altered course hard spring 1907, with Britain in Laos and not able to be dislodged, in Central China unable to be dislodged, and behind Dutch lines and the West in turmoil.

@Turkey you absolutely deserved to live over me - I moved poorly. The only fault in your play was not realizing that you couldn't kill me before Britain won. Fall 1906 I had alarm bells going off.
23 Feb 21 UTC @china you became a threat when you A Can-Han in F02
i think i took it personally >:)
23 Feb 21 UTC @True, I forgot about that. I tried it and then moved on to the west, because I saw what Britain was doing :d Sorry about Han!
23 Feb 21 UTC @Russia, I knew Britain was going to win by then, but it was PPSC and I was hoping to finish with 5-6 SCs as I thought that was the best I could do at that time (I was wrong). I do hate PPSC for that reason.