webDiplomacy Credits
A list of the people who helped/help make webDiplomacy what it is.
The Diplomacy Board Game
If you like webDiplomacy, you can purchase the board game!
Available for Purchase from Avalon Hill
Co-owners of webDiplomacy
Kestas Kuliukas, original creator of webDiplomacy
The webDiplomacy Moderators, contact at mod-team@vDiplomacy.com
The webDiplomacy Developers
jmo1121109, current lead developer
Lifetime Site Contributors
Peregrine Falcon, for his time as a moderator, code contributor, and esteemed member
abgemacht, for his time as a moderator, administrator, ombudsman, and overseer of the webDip Player Map
A_Tin_Can, for his time as a moderator and as a leader of site development
Past Developers
Creation of the Original Ghost Ratings
Integration of Ghost Ratings into the codebase
Creator of the webDiplomacy AI
Past Contributors
Algis Kuliukas - original database design and maintenance
Rob Addison - creator of small diplomacy map image
Lucas Kruijswijk - authored the DATC adjudicator tests
mrlachette, Magilla, arning - pre-0.72 debugging and testing
jayp - development of multi-variant code
Chris Hughes - webDiplomacy Facebook development, variable phase lengths, game listings pagination
Carey Jensen - variant developer, goondip.com developer
Alex Lebedev - sponsored the localization support
paranoidjpn - Japanese translation, testing, UTF-8 support, developing the small PNG map
Oliver Auth - variant creator, owner of vDiplomacy
Tank and Battleship Icons - released under the GNU Public License
Font used in the fullscreen map - released under the Bitsream Vera Fonts License
Our JavaScript utility library - the Prototype JavaScript framework team