South China Sea (7 players)
Diplomacy in the South China Sea
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Diplomacy in the South China Sea

    The South China Sea dispute is one of the tensest territorial disputes ongoing today. Both China and Taiwan (as the ROC) claim most of the region based on the Nine-Dash Line. As diplomatic negotiations have failed to resolve the competing claims, the claimants have resorted to militarily occupying any pile of sand they can build a base on. The most important of these, the Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands, watch over the wealth of natural resources and busy sea trade lanes. Whoever conquers all these tiny islands and reefs will have a stranglehold over the other regional powers.

Rules and Features:

  1. Standard rules apply, along with build anywhere.
  2. Fleet/army transformation option is available.
  3. Cebu City, Singapore, and Subi Reef have canals and fleets can move to any adjacent region.
  4. Bangar and Bandar Seri Bagawan border each other.
  5. South China Sea is a "high seas" region. Six units can occupy this region, represented by the numbered 1-6 boxes. Each box borders every region that South China Sea borders along with other boxes.
  6. Dangerous Ground is also "high seas" region, except that each box is coastal and can be traversed by armies. Six units can occupy this region, represented by the boxes named Vanguard Bank, Bombay Castle, Pearson Reef, Amboyna Cay, Cuarteron Reef, and Commodore Reef. Each box borders every region that Dangerous Ground borders along with the other boxes.
  7. As South China Sea and Dangerous Ground are both "high seas" regions, each box in South China Sea borders every box in Dangerous Ground and vice versa.