A World At War - 1937 (12 players)
World War II on the global stage
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Variant Parameters (Version: 1 / Code: 1.1):

Special rules/information:


  1. Canals and Straits:
    Multiple coasts are unmarked but present. However, KIE, DEN, SWE, IST, CAI, PAN, and UGD do not have multiple coasts due to natural straits or manmade canals.
  2. Strait Crossing:
    MOR and GIB are connected by a strait crossing, which means they are adjacent to both fleets and armies, regardless of any units in the sea between them.
  3. Island Chains:
    The map features several islands and island chains in the middle of a sea area that they control, including the Galapagos, Midway, Wake Island, Hawaii, and Okinawa. These islands can hold armies, but they can only be accessed by fleets or convoys. Fleets in an island region cannot convoy.
  4. World Wrap:
    The map is a globe. Certain territories appear on both sides of the map, so units can travel to the other side of the map through them.